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Every document is unique in its own way. For certain documents, only a few changes may have to be done whereas in some other cases, a complete re-phrasing or translation may be required. Whatever change it may be, Language Ink charges are reasonable and depends on the technical difficulty or involvement of the text.


Language editing


R30 – R50 / page
When we edit the language of your text, we fine-tune the language use to make your text effective and in line with all language rules. This may be to get your manuscript print ready, your academic report / thesis ready for submission or your corporate newsletter ready for distribution.


Commissioning editing


R90 - R110 per page
The service of a commissioning editor is required if you need an editor who will not only language edit your document, manuscript, etc. but will also commission any additional services, i.e. illustrators, photo researchers, permissions searches, reworking of artwork, etc.


Technical editing


R20 – R30 / page
If you are satisfied with the language use in your document, but the technical issues, layout, formatting, font sizes, text boxes, graphs, etc. need more attention, we can assist with the technical editing.




R10 – R30 per page
A fresh eye looking at your communication, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.




0.75c - R1.50 / word, depending on how technical the text
We offer translation services from English to Afrikaans and Afrikaans to English. Fields or expertise include Specialization areas: Academic (printed and e-publications), agricultural sciences, arts and culture, banking and insurance, commercial, children's books, geography, education, government and legal documents, marketing, health sciences, natural sciences, pharmacy, religion, recipes, social sciences, sports and tourism.
We do not to computerised translations (i.e. Google translate).
We can also assist with the sourcing of translators specialising in other languages or for sworn translations.


Copy writing


0,50c - R1 / word, depending on how technical the text
Experiencing writer’s block? We can create copy for you, for newsletters, websites, blogs, etc.


Document design


R20 – R30 / page
Design and layout of training material, brochures, leaflets, articles, etc.


Project management


R300 – R500 / hour
Need someone who can keep a helicopter view on your project? We can manage small or medium size production projects so that you can rest assured that the delivery will be on time, within scope and budget.


Plain language


R30 – R50 / page

Is your document heavy, outdated and in ‘old language’? Let us rewrite it in plain language so that it hits the mark for your specific audience.




R30 – R50 / page
Trust us to make local lekker, by localising your English document with British or American roots, making it truly South African.


Web audit


R400 per website
Is your website out of date and not creating as much traffic as you would like for it to do? Let us do a web audit and recommend changes, be it content, design and layout or technical upgrades. The fee is for the initial assessment and report, containing recommendations for changes to be applied.

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